David Andrelli

David Andrelli

Interim Executive Director

David Andrelli will be filling the Executive Director role at the Fraser-Hickson Institute, on an interim basis, as of February 28, 2022. He holds a B.A. in Joint Specialization in English and History from Concordia University, and began volunteering for minibiblioPLUS in 2018. David’s prior experience both teaching and coaching at the high school level has served him well in developing life-long skills in his students. After spending over a decade with Apple Inc. in a leadership role, he has developed the ability to inspire and affect positive change. In the role of Interim Executive Director, David’s mission is to continue to advance early childhood literacy through minibiblioPLUS by growing the project at the national level.


Contact Info

3755, Botrel Street, Suite S-102
Montreal, QC H4A 3G8

(514) 872-0517