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The best place to start is with us!

We believe that caring people make all the difference to children’s literacy and care about your vision for your community! We are your resource people, supporting you to bring early literacy and books to life for children. We offer one-to-one coaching support from our early childhood specialist and our librarian to answer questions about how to set up and sustain a  and/or early literacy activities, by phone, email or video-conference, whatever works for you!



Set up and sustain a  for local children and families!

  • How to set up and sustain your collection
  • How to register with First Book Canada
  • How to lend and track books
  • Book recommendations

Early Literacy Component


Create engaging interactive activities in your community!

  • How to set up and sustain early literacy activities with additional resources and advice 
  • How to recruit and equip volunteers to read to children
  • Early literacy Toolkit as a guide for volunteers, and parents

For more information, please contact: Gisele Kwiatkowski  514 872-0517 │

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3755, Botrel Street, Suite S-102
Montreal, QC H4A 3G8

(514) 872-0517