Helen Fortin

Helen Fortin

CEO/National Director

Helen is the founder of our signature program. She brings 30+ years of experience in Promotion, Marketing and Fundraising to the position. She is also President of the Women and Diversity Committee for the Association of Fundraising Professionals board (Quebec division), and she is one of the founding members of a movement focused on early literacy development across the country. Her personal mission is to contribute to the creation of a fully-literate and economically sound society hopefully within her lifetime. This begins with ensuring that people have immediate access to books and that parents are continually encouraged to read to their children as soon as they are born. Through this bond the child develops the curiosity and confidence needed to succeed in life! Helen is a natural rassembleur who strongly believes in community and strength in numbers. She cherishes her staff and the many volunteers who are the backbone of our smooth and efficient operations.


Contact Info

3755, Botrel Street, Suite S-102
Montreal, QC H4A 3G8

(514) 872-0517