Book of the month – August

Book of the Month

” A Child of Books” is a beautifully illustrated picture book written by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston. It takes readers on a whimsical journey through the power of storytelling and imagination, celebrating the magic of books.

The story follows a young girl and a boy as they explore various literary landscapes and embark on adventures fueled by the words on the pages. The illustrations incorporate actual text from classic literature, adding an extra layer of depth to the visual experience. It’s a delightful read that encourages readers, both young and old, to embrace the world of stories and let their imaginations run wild.

To enhance your reading experience, we’ve curated a list of fun and educational activities that perfectly complement the book. Simply click on the image to access the list.

We hope you have a fantastic time reading!

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Book of the month – July

Book of the month- July

Introducing our Book of the Month for July: “Pete the Cat Goes Camping” by James Dean!

We’re thrilled to share this adventurous tale with you, where Pete the Cat embarks on a camping journey filled with excitement and new experiences.

To enhance your reading experience, we’ve curated a list of fun and educational activities that perfectly complement the book. Simply click on the image below to access the list and add an extra layer of enjoyment to your camping-themed reading adventure!

We hope you have a fantastic time reading “Pete the Cat Goes Camping.”

Happy reading and happy camping!

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Volunteer of the month – July 2023

Volunteer of the month – July 2023

Shakera Ahmed

Shakera Ahmed

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for July 2023: Shakera Ahmed! Here’s a message from her:

Since starting this journey as a storytime animator, this role has brought me immense joy and satisfaction!
Volunteering at minibiblioPLUS helped me become a more flexible person. When working with children, you quickly realize that anything can happen, but you learn to adapt to those unique situations. Seeing the children’s faces light up with excitement just by my presence makes this role even more enjoyable. Their eagerness gives me the energy to work harder to make the next reading session more memorable.

MinibliblioPLUS impacts those children positively, and I am witnessing it throughout this journey. These reading sessions allow them to express their opinions and feelings but also gain confidence by doing so. Through this role, I also have the opportunity to instill important values, morals, and life lessons since most of the books are educational. Most importantly, Minibiblioplus is also impacting their families. By providing these storytelling sessions, we alleviate some of the burdens faced by parents who may be unable to dedicate sufficient time to reading with their children. We become a valuable support system.

Thank you for allowing me to contribute to such a meaningful cause!

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Book suggestions: World Refugee Day


In honour of International Refugee Day, here are a few recommended reads by our volunteer Wanessa Cardoso.

Did you know that each year on 20 June, the world celebrates World Refugee Day? “The international day to honour people who have been forced to flee. The idea is that together, we can champion their right to seek safety, build support for their economic and social inclusion, and advocate for solutions to their plight”. (Source: UNHCR).

Click on the image to access the full information!

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