Volunteer of the Month – January

Christopher LeGrove

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for January 2021: Christopher!
Here’s a message from him: I’ve been having so much fun reading for these past months. Reading for someone is such a joy; transmitting stories to children has been a human tradition since time immemorial, and carrying on that tradition is an honor and a privilege. Being able to read and write remains a concern worldwide, so being part of a solution is surely important. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank for welcoming me into the fold so that I can contribute what I have to offer. I am, of course, looking forward to reading in front of something other than my camera! Entertaining people is my profession, and I joined up in part for this. Luckily technology offered an answer to not being able to read in public places during COVID-19, for which I am grateful. We’ve all had to practice adaptability, and having the right tools helps.