Maira Claudio

We are delighted to highlight Maira Claudio this month for bringing the joy of books and reading to children in our community. Here’s what she has to say:

“It has been such a remarkable experience volunteering with .  I was once a child enjoying books and Storytime from my teachers and volunteers. Now, it is my honor to share my love for reading with the children of today. The excitement on the children’s faces as they run to sit down in front of me, continues to be the highlight of my weeks. Moreover, the light in their eyes and the joy in their voices as they ask for another book is one of the many prime examples, that showcases the mission of being fulfilled. I truly believe that reading brings everyone together through the adventures and important life lessons books hold. I look forward to continuing the mission of improving literacy levels in Montreal and enjoying the amazing connections I’ve made with the children this past year!”