Bee Bergeron

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for January 2023: Beatrice Bergeron!

Here’s a message from her:

“As a child, my mother read me a story every bedtime until I learned how to read. She told me it was my favorite part of the day, in part because she framed it as a treat. I am convinced this made me a voracious reader, who sometimes had to be told off to stop reading when going down the stairs. I am grateful my mother made this effort for me. Especially since someone told her I might never learn how to read when I was 4. Only because I am autistic (which has nothing to do with being able to read, but maybe has a little to do with why I organize my library by color).

I decided to volunteer for minibiblioPLUS to pay forward what my mother gave me. I am also very happy I was assigned to a school for autistic children.

After reading Neil Gaiman’s article (Why our Future Depends on Libraries, Reading and Daydreaming) where he discusses the benefits of reading and being read to, it really cemented my desire to volunteer at minibiblioPLUS.”