Volunteer of the Month

Gaelle Paquet

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for May 2023: Gaelle Paquet! Here’s a message from her:

“On my first day volunteering, I was surprised to find that a group of young children could make me so nervous. Though, it only took me a few minutes to realize how wonderful and curious they were. Throughout my volunteering, I have come to think that reading is an integral part of life, full of learning, and fun. So, I believe it is extremely important for kids to develop an interest in reading early on. By exposing them to books in a fun, informal way, the kids I work with have really developed a strong and long-lasting relationship with reading. This is why I think projects like minibiblioPLUS are so necessary.
Besides bringing me lots of fun time reading and playing with kids, my volunteering here has given me a new outlook on the link between education and entertainment. I truly value my work here and I think that seeing the kids’ faces light up each time they see me and the books is one of the most priceless feelings ever.”