Grethel Matthews

👏🤩 Congratulations to our November volunteer of the month, Grethel, who has been an amazing storytime animator. Here’s what she had to say about her volunteer experience:

I started volunteering with MinibiblioPLUS almost two years ago and I can confidently say it has been the most wonderful experiences of my life! Not only did I truly realize the importance of early literacy in our society and how much of a struggle it still is for many families to have the necessary resources to develop it in their children, I also realized how rewarding and fulfilling it is to try to do my part in making it better. Programs like these are SO necessary to make sure every child has access to develop their full potential from an early age. I feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to combine my own passion for reading with my personal mission of doing what I can to make our community grow stronger. I have made lifelong friends not only in the daycares with the beautiful children that every day amaze me with their ability to retain and process information but also in the wonderful family that is the minibiblioPLUS staff. Volunteering with them has also helped me develop my own skills and grow more confident and I have seen that same impact in the children I work with. I am forever grateful I took the leap to try something new and can only encourage anyone that might be hesitating to join : Do it, it’s 1000% worth it!”